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Ravens' Zbikowski Heading Back To Boxing Ring

Baltimore Ravens' safety Tom Zbikowski is one of the busiest NFL players in the league right now, despite the NFL Lockout that could jeopardize the 2011 season. Zbikowski has twice stepped into the boxing ring this off season and is headed back there later this month. 'Tommy Z' as he is known in pugilist circles, now sports a 3-0 professional boxing record and will put that on the line on April 23rd against Blake Warner (1-2) in Oklahoma.

Zbi, as he is known to Ravens fans, also has two other fights planned after this one, one each in May and June, both in California. Without a Collective Bargaining Agreement or a signed contract with the Ravens in place, Tommy is free to continue pursuing his boxing passion and although it will immediately go on hld once the NFL labor issue is settled, even Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti thinks Zbikowski's hobby is "awesome."

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