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Baltimore Beatdown NFL Draft Contest

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Batimore Colts & Ravens History
Batimore Colts & Ravens History


With the NFL Draft coming up later this month starting in prime time on April 28th, I thought we would offer all you "draft experts" the chance to prove your worth in a contest. Baltimore Beatdown will sponsor a contest that will give a valuable prize to the person who gets the most correct players that the Baltimore Ravens pick in the seven round draft.

First prize will be a unique Baltimore Ravens History newspaper that includes New York Times coverage of the Ravens’ history from its inception and until the present. This cool sports gift covers the greatest moments in the history of the Baltimore Ravens with over 60 pages of the most famous games, plays and news. It’s great for anyone who loves the Ravens and comes to us compliments of

The photo above is the cover page for the "newspaper" and is a wonderful piece of memorabilia that would be a great addition to your Ravens collection. Send me an email ( with your picks no later than midnight, April 27th. Include your real name, your Beatdown "tag name" and email address along with your picks. Enter as many times as you like. Good luck!