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NFL Players Constantly In Trouble

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While it probably has nothing to do with the NFL Labor issues, the players around the league seem to be making news on crime logs at a record pace this off season. Perhaps they know they do not have to report for mini-camps and OTA's anytime soon, so they are out late at night, drinking, partying and acting like they are above the law.

Each day it seems another NFL player is arrested for another stupid crime that could put their season not only on hold with a suspension through the league's "Personal Conduct Policy," but their career could also be in jeopardy. At least 15 separate incidents involving NFL players have been reported since the beginning of February, with some players showing up multiple times on the list.

Most recently was the Oakland Raiders' Louis Murphy, who was cited with a pair of misdemeanors for having an unlabel prescription drug in his possession and resisting arrest. The somewhat funny story is that the drug was Viagra and he pealed the label off of the bottle because he didn't want his girlfriend to know he needed the little blue pill.

Click on the 'Jump' to see a list of more players allegedly charged with crimes and a link to the site that follows NFL Crimes)

More seriously, Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Aqib Talib has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a shooting that he says his mother was the one pulling the trigger, not him. Denver Broncos RB Laurence Maroney was picked up on pot charges and Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was removed from a shopping mall for refusing to pull up his pants and then accused of not paying for well over $200,000 worth of jewelry.

The list is long and embarrassing to the NFL and despite the Lockout, the aforementioned Personal Conduct Policy is still in effect and will be enforced according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Counseling and suspensions will surely follow as the following players have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons:

Johnny Jolly (Green Bay Packers): Felony Possession of cocaine

Jason Peters (Philadelphia Eagles): Disturbing the peace

Bryant McCann (Dallas Cowboys): Public intoxication

Mario Henderson (Oakland Raiders): Carrying concealed weapon)

Chris Cook (Minnesota Vikings): Brandishing handgun

Brandon Meriweather (New England Patriots): Fired shot that hit two men

King Dunlap (Philadelphia Eagles): Reckless driving & Disorderly conduct

Legedu Naanee (San Diego Chargers): Public intoxication & resisting arrest

Brandon Brooks (Washington Redskins):: Stabbed outside nightclub

Albert Haynesworth (Washington Redskins): Assault

Michael Bush (New Orleans Saints): Drunken driving

Everson Griffen (Minnestoa Vikings): Felony battery & public drunkenness

(Click here to go to, which follows the criminal activities of NFL players)