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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft

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Brian Galliford posted a new Mock Draft over at SB Nation. Brian normally writes on the Buffalo Bills at Buffalo Rumblings, but also writes on the NFL for the network and this is his latest Mock Draft. He likes Auburn's Cam Newton to go first to the Carolina Panthers and I can't disagree, as he has the arm strength to throw a rocket but also the variable of his legs to challenge defenses.

He has the Ravens using their 26th pick of the first round on Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson has jumped up draft boards over the past few weeks and his combination of size, speed and versatility has him fitting into the Ravens defensive scheme in a way that should only help this team remain among the league's best defenses.

The only guy who was selected after Wilkerson that I might have considered taking instead was Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward. Heyward is projected to go a lot earlier in the first round but stuck around
until the Green Bay Packers took him with the final pick in the first round. Either would be a good addition to the Ravens pass rush but Muhammad is the more versatile player who could line up inside as well as on the end.

See the entire first round by clicking here.