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Joe Flacco Plans To Stay Sharp

Despite the NFL Lockout, the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco plans on staying sharp by working out with some of his receivers in the near future. Flacco is planning to fly to Arizona to play catch with tight end Todd Heap later this month. Joe has also mentioned getting together with WR Anquan Boldin as well, hoping to improve on the chemistry with the receiver that the team brought in to help him open up the passing game that did not make the gains that were expected in 2010.

Taking the lead in continuing to advance his skills with guys like Heap and Boldin is impressive for the fourth year pro, as there have been questions about his leadership abilities that Flacco is set on proving that he deserves that new contract extension that he appeared frustrated about only a few days ago. The Ravens will make sure Joe remains a Baltimore Raven for a long time and his take charge attitude in the off season while awaiting the NFL owners and players resolving this labor conflict will go a long way in making a positive statement on his own behalf.

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