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Ravens Owner Upset Bears Not Making Good On Draft Trade

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Despite admitting that they "made a mistake," the Chicago Bears have refused to give the Baltimore Ravens a draft pick for the botched first-round draft trade offer that they agreed on but could not make the call to the NFL in time. The Ravens ended up getting passed in the first round and the Kansas City Chiefs jumped over them to make their pick. Baltimore still got the guy they wanted all along, Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, but also a little egg on their face.

According to a story by Aaron Wilson in the National Football Post, even thought the NFL encouraged the Bears to give the Ravens a draft pick, the Bears said an apology would have to suffice. That didn't sit well with Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti, who had a few choice words for the Bears management as well as ownership. Nice to read that our owner has the stones to come out publicly and voice his displeasure over how another team is handling a situation that obviously Bisciotti would handle differently.

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