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Bud Light Takes Over As NFL's Official Beer

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Bud Light is now the official beer sponsor of the NFL, and is launching an NFL Draft Contest with a $10 million first prize. Coors was the league's official beer sponsor, but will now take a back seat to the Budweiser product. The NFL Draft Contest, titled the "Best Round Ever," offers $10 million to any fan who not only gets the entire first round draft order correct, but must also correctly spell each draft pick's name as well.

Looking at some of the players expected to go in the first 32 picks, this might be almost as tough a task as picking the players themselves. However, the odds of anyone getting the entire first round in order is probably as good as correctly picking the NCAA March Madness Bracket!

If you want to enter the contest, check out the story at Pro Football Talk and click on the link in that story to take you to the Bud Light Facebook page.