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Odds Against Landry Returning To Ravens

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Looking back at the history of the Baltimore Ravens over the past decade, if you are a free agent safety playing next to All-Pro Ed Reed, odds are you will wearing the jersey of another team the next year. Many a player has looked real solid starting next to Reed, as opposing defenses focus on the ball-hawking free safety and ignore the strong safety, allowing him to make plays s a result.

That happened with Will Demps and more recently, with Jim Leonhard, both who left the team for "greener" pastures than the Ravens would have been willing to offer. It also happened when the Ravens free safety was Rod Woodson during the Super Bowl 2000-01 season and they let Kim Herring walk for the same reason.

With both Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura on the roster with considerable playing experience in this system, it is fairly obvious that the team will not be willing to lay out the big bucks that Dawan Landry would command on the open market. Once free agency is finally opened as a result of a resolved Collective Bargaining Agreement, Landry is sure to draw a lot of interest from teams who want to inject a bit of the Ravens "mojo" into their defense.

Landry has had an up and down career with the team,but since he sustained a season-ending concussion in 2008, he has not been the fierce hitter that the team expected him to be when they drafted him in 2006. Do not expect to see Landry wearing #26 in 2011, at least not for the Ravens.

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