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Who Will Back Up Joe Flacco In 2011?

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The Baltimore Ravens seem to have their franchise quarterback of the future in fourth year pro Joe Flacco. However, with former backup Marc Bulger thought to be a hot commodity on the free agent market whenever that opens up, the big question remains who will be Flacco's backup in 2011 and beyond?

While the Ravens would love to have that veteran presence in Bulger as insurance for Joe, his name has been mentioned around the league as a possible starter and mentor to a young QB from this year's NFL Draft, to be held later this month. Marc would obviously relish the chance to start again in the NFL while showing the ropes to a rookie standing on the sidelines holding a clipboard. Former Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner extended his career a few years as he continued to outperform the younger kids vying for his job, until he decided to retire on his own terms.

Mike Duffy of did a story on who the Ravens might consider looking at in the NFL Draft, while there still might be a decent chance the team will look around free agency to see what veteran QBs are still looking for a job once free agency opens up.