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2011 NFL Draft: 3rd Round 'Open Thread'

After the celebrations that are sure to go on all night both at 'The Castle' at One Winning Drive in Owings Mills as well as in College Park, begin to die down, we will now re-focus on the 3rd round of the 2011 NFL Draft, as the Baltimore Ravens have the 90th overall pick on Day Two of the draft. Rounds four through seven will be held Saturday afternoon but now we are just waiting to see if Baltimore can top the excitement and get their third gem in this year's draft.

Show your purple passion and post your thoughts on whom you think the team will be targeting in this round, after getting two stars who will definitely fill holes in the team that have not been improved upon in recent years. Now the team finally has that big, physical cornerback and speedy receiver, two positions lacking in 2010.

Once the Ravens pick again late in the 3rd round, we'll put up a post with information about that player as soon as the pick is made and update it once we hear the team's press conference for further insight into the selection.

Wonder if there are any good players named "Smith" left in this draft?