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"With the 1st Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...

the Carolina Panthers select...Cam Newton, QB, Auburn Tigers." NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell welcomed everyone to Radio City Music Hall and the 2011 NFL Draft and said those magic words every true NFL fans loves to hear: "The Carolina Panthers are on the clock."

Then he stepped to the podium to announce this first pick, confirming what most people expected weeks if not months ago. Newton will be thrown to the wolves behind the Panthers offensive line and unless they can get their running game off to a good start, he will need to use every athletic bone and muscle in his body to run for his life.

Playing int he NFC South, with three other teams rated higher than his new one, he will have an uphill battle to learning on the run, which has been the biggest knock against him from the beginning. There is no questioning his pure athletic ability but less than 300 passes in his college career does not an NFL quarterback make. A National Championship and Heisman Trophy looks good on the resume and in the trophy case, but means squat out on the playing field.

Congrats to the Panthers and Cam Newton. We wish you both the best of of. You'll need it.