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NFL To Open For Business Monday?

The way things are looking right now, it appears that the NFL will get back on track beginning Monday morning. If the courts deny the NFL owner's appeals, things such as contacting undrafted free agents, signing veteran free agents and the normal business of running an NFL team will begin first thing Monday.

This allows the NFL to continue to focus on the NFL Draft starting in about an hour, while keeping the rest of the league on the edge of their seats waiting for the seven rounds to unfold this weekend. At the same time, you can be sure that teams will be scrambling to gets thing moving early Monday morning, with strategies obviously already in place on which free agents the teams will need to fill out their rosters.

There are still loads of issues to be determined, such as OTA's, mini-camps, workout schedules and most of all, under what terms the 2011 season will be played under. The NFL owners and players will continue to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and hopefully will now come to a happy medium that both sides can live with.

However, for the next three days, it time for the 2011 NFL Draft!