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2011 NFL Draft: 'Open Thread'

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We're going to post this 'Open Thread' for the purpose of following along as the picks are made up until the Baltimore Ravens either make their pick of do something with it. Once a pick is made and we put up a summary of the selection, we'll pop up the 'Open Thread' once again for more comments and opinions as the rounds comes to the end.

On Friday and Saturday just before the other rounds start, we'll do the same thing, before and after every pick. We want to bring you the best draft coverage on the Baltimore Ravens over the next three days. Between myself and the other writers here on Baltimore Beatdown, we have all angles on the draft covered.

I'll be at 'The Castle" reporting live with interviews and photos as it happens. Stick with Baltimore Beatdown and we promise to keep you up to the minute on all the happenings and Ravens news as soon as it breaks. Post your thoughts and opinions, cheer or boo as the picks or moves are made and enjoy what is going to be a great three-day stretch as there can be without live football.