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SB Nation's Final Mock Draft

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While many of us are pretty much "mocked" out, I still love seeing who these Mock Drafts are all picking the Baltimore Ravens to select with their 26th pick in today's NFL Draft. Frankly, I'm not even sure if the Ravens will keep this pick, as they still could very well trade out of the first round. They've traded their pick the past three years, moving up twice and back once, so nothing should surprise Ravens fans this evening.

This should be the final mock you see before the real thing kicks off this evening. SB Nation's Final Mock Draft has the Ravens still taking Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson. Here is their take on the justification of that pick remaining the same from their earlier Mock Draft:

"Of the many, many different directions the Ravens could take here, getting the big, athletic yet raw Wilkerson makes the most sense long-term."

Enough of the prognostications. Let's get it on!