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Final Mel Kiper Mock Draft

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ESPN's NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr. put out his final Mock Draft prior to the real thing starting later this evening. In it he makes a few changes and comments on the picks as well. He only does the first round and bases it on no trades taking place. However, he does note whether he thinks the team may trade out of their pick if he thinks that remains a possibility.

Kiper has the Baltimore Ravens selecting UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers with their 26th pick of the first round. Ayers is a long arm linebacker whose best quality is rushing the passer. Here's what Kiper wrote in his summary of the pick:

"Another team I suspect will trade down, or try hard to do it. That said, the aging linebacking corps of the Ravens could use an infusion of youth, and if Ayers is here he's enough of a talent and a fit it could have them tempted to stay put. Ayers is a versatile guy who can pick up a lot next to the man in the middle, and can do everything you need early, with the potential to develop into something more."

The one player that went after the Ravens picked that I personally believe would have been the better pick was Mississippi State offensive tackle Derek Sherrod, who went 29thto the Chicago Bears. My issue withthe Ayers pick is that I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing what the status is with LB Sergio Kindle, who seems to be a very similar player and if Kindle has any chance of returning to the team in 2011, then this seems too much of a duplicate pick. In just a few hours, we will be able to stop with all the Mock Draft and find out how the first round of the draft truly pans out.