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Baltimore Beatdown Covering Draft Live From Ravens Complex

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Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility
Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility

Yes, you read that absolutely correct. Once again, just like last year, Baltimore Beatdown will be at the Baltimore Ravens Practice Facility in Owings Mills, Maryland to cover the 2011 NFL Draft starting Thursday evening and lasting through Saturday. The first round begins at 8pm Thursday night, the 2nd and 3rd rounds on Friday evening and rounds 4-7 will begin Saturday. Throughout it all, I will be set up in the media room, watching and listening to the TV just like most of you, with a few big exceptions.

Once a pick is announced, the team will hold press conferences with the team's brain-trust and then the amazing PR Department will get the draft pick on the phone to hold a mass conference call with media to hear their excitement and to answer few questions. During the breaks in the action last year, head coach John Harbaugh would stop by the media room to chat informally about how the draft was going with everyone there.

Beyond the thrill of being right below the Ravens War Room, to which no one is admitted to for any reason, the ability to post the news and the pulse of the intensity going on there live as it happens makes it one of the best football nights of the year. The Ravens have to be one of the classiest and most accessible teams in the league and they make the media part of the action and not only give us all the news as soon as they know it, but they provide an area where they set up food and drink for us to help ourselves as the long hours of the draft drag on at times.

Keep it here on The Beatdown during the draft while you watch it on TV and post your thoughts and comments as soon as we get the picks up and online live from 'The Castle.'