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Mel Kiper & Todd McShay Look At Ravens' Draft Needs

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Monday afternoon, the ESPN NFL crew took a look at what they expect the Baltimore Ravens to do with the 26th pick in Thursday's 2011 NFL Draft. Two of the best in the business, Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay debated what the Ravens should be looking for as their first round pick comes up. Kiper thinks that despite the team needs in the secondary, he sees the front seven of the defense the biggest obstacle to their success. He acknowledges that there is no wide receiver to stretch the field, although he mentions that the team is high on last year's fifth round draft choice, David Reed.

McShay seems to agree with the most pressing need being the team's lack of a pass rush, thinking that if the draft goes as expected, Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward might be a great fit in the Ravens defensive scheme. However, he thinks that if Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith falls to the Ravens, then he'd be a "steal" that the team just should not overlook. He closes in saying that the team should also look for another safety, noting that Ed Reed "can't play forever." Perhaps he forgot about two guys named Zbikowski and Nakamura, who are already on the roster?

The host, who name escapes me at this moment, noted that the Ravens should not ignore their offense as they ranked 27th in the NFL in passing plays over 20 yards and 25th in the NFL in running plays over 20 yards. Ouch.

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