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Ravens' Zbikowski Runs Boxing Record To 4-0 With 1st Round TKO

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Tom Zbikowski vs. Blake Warner (Photo Credit: Top Rank)
Tom Zbikowski vs. Blake Warner (Photo Credit: Top Rank)

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski ran his professional boxing record to 4-0 with his third first-round knockout, this time over Blake Warner last night in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Against an obvious overmatched target for 'Tommy Z' as he is known in the ring, Zbi unleashed a vicious uppercut to rock Warner and then finished him off with a flurry of punches at 2:20 of the first round.

This was Zbikowski's third fight in 2011, all obviously made possible by the NFL labor dispute that allows him to do whatever he wants. Until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed by the NFL owners and players, and Tom signs his contract with the Ravens, he can and will continue to pursue his passion. He is scheduled to fight again in May and June, both times in California.

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