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Trade Joe Flacco?

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The Seattle Post Intelligence newspaper online edition had an article from this past week on the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft and specifically the quarterback position. They somehow touched on the topic of the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco's disappointment that the team as not come to terms on a new contract for him and perhaps the Ravens are looking to unload him and start anew with either a veteran QB or a possible future franchise QB through this year's draft. They also mention his unhappiness that Baltimore fired his QB coach, Jim Zorn, who incidently played for their Seattle Seahawks.

To pretty much every fan of the Baltimore Ravens, nothing could be further from the truth and this thought process is as ludicrous as anything anyone has ventured to surmise about the thought process of the Ravens braintrust. However, thinking through this, the writer of the story even goes as far to try to guess what team might be interested in the Ravens signal-caller and what the price he would command in return for his future services.

They look at the Arizona Cardinals as the perfect partners for the Ravens to deal with in trading Flacco. In return, they would project the Cardinals to send the Ravens their 5th overall pick in this week's draft, as well as Arizona's 2nd round (38th overall) and 3rd round picks (69th overall). That would give us two picks in each of the first three rounds and now 12 overall in the seven round draft.

They say the Ravens could re-sign Marc Bulger to be the starter, draft a solid rookie with one of the early picks and load up on young talent with the rest of the picks in the draft. While it is almost laughable when presented, it opens up a lot of intrigue as to whom Baltimore could target with all of these picks and they acknowledge that with GM Ozzie Newsome's excellent track record at evaluating talent, the Ravens could stock up on a very solid future through a blockbuster trade such as this.

However, very simply, this just ain't ever happening. The Ravens are extremely satisfied with the progress that Flacco has made in his three seasons and are aiming at competing for a Super Bowl Championship in 2011, whenever the season ends up getting underway. It's interesting how a Seattle paper comes to this conclusion, but then again, perhaps this is a perfect example of why Seattle is where they are in the NFL and Baltimore remains one of the more competitive teams on a consistent basis year in and year out.