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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 2

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In the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft, I picked the players on behalf of the Baltimore Ravens in this two-round draft. In the first round, I was amazed and jumped all over selecting Missouri DE Aldon Smith, whom I thought was easily a top-15, if not a top-10 talent. His ability to drop back into coverage as a linebacker or rush the passer as a hybrid or down lineman would instantly take pressure off of Terrell Suggs as the only defensive player to worry about getting to the opposing team's quarterback.

With the 58th overall pick of the NFL Draft, I was also pleased to have to decide between a bevy of talented guys who no matter which player I took, would stir debate amongst most Ravens fans. However, this is a great dilemma to be in and I really had little problem with my decision.

Pittsburgh's Jon Baldwin was still on the board and with the thought that the Ravens could get a solid offensive lineman in the third or later rounds as well as my opinion that the cornerback position was not as much a dire need as many so-called experts thought it was, I went for the type of guy I thought could be the missing piece on the offensive side of the ball.

Baldwin's skill set will complement both Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason, and he should develop the chemistry with QB Joe Flacco to growinto a solid passing combination in the future. The only thing that many fans will ask is that between Baldwin, Torrey Smith (Maryland), Greg Little (UNC), Titus Young (Boise State) and Randall Cobb (Kentucky), why did I choose Baldwin?

Personally, I like his size and versatility to go long as well as over the middle filled the void more so than any of the other guys who were either a deep threat or a possession receiver. However, any of those guys would have improved the Ravens receiving corps and the fact I was in the position of having these choices would be a great situation for the Ravens to find themselves in next week in the actual 2011 NFL Draft.