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Ravens Work Out More Players

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The Baltimore Ravens may have announced that their draft board is set, but they continue to work out possible players in advance of next week's NFL Draft. Recently, the team has worked out a couple more possible draft picks that could be ranked somewhere on their list of 150 college players. According to the National Football Post, the Ravens worked out University of Miami cornerback, Brandon Harris, who has been linked to the Ravens in some Mock Drafts.

In addition, the team held a private workout for University of Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb, who is not only a receiver, but a threat in the return game as well. According to a NFP story, the Ravens are looking at Cobb as a later round draft pick who could utilize his speed to stretch the field, a luxury the Ravens did not have in 2010.

To me, Harris is a bit of a reach for the Ravens with the 26th pick in the first round, while Cobb is projected by NFL Draft Scout to be a second round selection.