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Ravens' Harbaugh Optimistic For A Full Season

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh discusses what he's doing during the lockout, why he's optimistic the league will play a full season, having the second-easiest schedule, facing his brother on Thanksgiving, Derrick Mason's comment that Roger Goodell is a joke and the upcoming draft. He was interviewed on local sports talk radio station 105.7 recently on the Norris and Davis Show and voiced optimism that he will be coaching for a full 16 game season in 2011.

That's good to hear form the coach and while there is still the chance the 2011 season could be delayed, it could still be played in its entirety, although moved back to the point that the Super Bowl may end up being played on President's Day Weekend, which reported lyis what the owners have been wanting for a while now. With the FL owners and players not scheduled to get together again until mid-May and the 2011 NFL Draft next week, this sort of optimism should give hope to fans, although their frustration levels justifiably mount each day that this labor dispute continues.