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Steelers Fans Call Ravens "Whiners"

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In a story on a little-known website called isportsweb about the Pittsburgh Steelers, they look at the Steelers 2011 schedule and then harp a lot on the rumor that the Baltimore Ravens "petitioned" the NFL to not be scheduled to play the Steelers in Pittsburgh in prime time anymore. They state that the Ravens were tired of losing in front of a national audience and wanted a break for a while.

However, the Ravens play in Pittsburgh on prime time this season on Sunday, November 6 after opening the regular season in Baltimore. Their fans are quoted as calling the Ravens "whiners," "losers," "cowards" and "gayvens," as well as the original "ratbirds."

The word "classless" is used, which is surprisingly hypocritical coming from an article such as this. The Steelers have enough things to boast about in their recent superiority over the Ravens, despite the fact that most people believe the Ravens should have beaten Pittsburgh both times in the regular season and again in the playoffs but could not hold leads against them in the two losses. I agree that until we beat them more consistently and when it truly counts, they are still ahead of us, but to add insult to injury is just not right, although understood coming from all those band-wagon Steelers fans.