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Football Mock Draft Contest

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Think you know your NFL Draft real good? If so, then enter's Football Mock Draft Contest and if you can predict the first ten picks in the 2011 NFL Draft, then you could share in the prize pool that might mean some serious bucks! The contest is free to enter and once you set up a Bodog account, you can "put your picks where your mouth is."

Even if you do not get the ten picks correct in the exact order, you can still share in the prize pool by picking the first ten picks right, regardless of where in the top ten they were picked and the team that picks them. This might not seem as hard as you think it is, as the top five to seven picks are pretty much agreed upon and all you have to do is try to get them in the right order and figure out who the last few players will be that are picked in the top ten.

Unless, of course, one of the top ten players go undrafted until the Baltimore Ravens pick at #26 of the first round. Then, you might lose but the Ravens will certainly win!