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Ray Lewis Visits Elon University's Football Team

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis made an impromptu visit to Elon University for their spring football game last week and gave a very powerful speech about his life and how he got to where he is today. The game was actually postponed due to thunderstorms -- which can be heard in the background during his speech.

Due to the NFL Lockout, Ray is training on his own and has the freedom to do and go where and when he wants. At the same time, this is still the veteran's off season and after the NFL Draft and rookie camps, the vets normally would be part of the first mini-camp sometime in May or early June. However, with the Collective Bargaining Agreement's settlement nowhere in sight, who knows when Ray Lewis as well as the other players will be working out at the team's Training Complex.

Enjoy the motivational video that the kids at Elon University must have been super stoked to see this All-Pro walk through their doors into the locker room.