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Flacco to Ravens: "Start talks this year"

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A somewhat irritated Joe Flacco had a message for the Baltimore Ravens regarding a contract extension being put off until after the 2011 season. He feels that if the team hasn't decided that it wants to give him a new contract by now, then what would another year do to change their mind? Flacco seems to be saying that unless the team signs him to a contract extension now, then he will have no motivation to sign after his current deal is up when he can really find out what his true value would be, meaning that the price could significantly go up by then.

Flacco already holds most quarterbacking records for the Ravens after only three NFL seasons. However, he has not missed a game in his NFL career and those 48 starts are as many as any quarterback in history over that period. It is fairly obvious to everyone that the Ravens have no intention of letting Flacco test the free agent market and will make sure that he is signed to a very lucrative contract extension before this current deal expires.

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