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Matt Birk: "...there's not a drug problem in NFL"

Matt Birk talks about how he’s felt it was inevitable that the labor dispute would get to this point, how he believes the owners made up their mind long ago to lock out the players, why that’s not the end of the world necessarily in his mind, why he believes the broader economic impact of the lockout will safeguard against missed games next season, being eager to get back with his teammates at some point soon after, how he always craves time away from the team after a long season but then begins to miss the fellowship of the team after just a few months away,  his thoughts on college football and all its blatantly obvious hypocritical impurities, and finally, to share an interesting personal anecdote about why it’s crazy to think there’s a rampant performance enhancing drug problem in the NFL.

Check it all out and either read or listen to the interview here.