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2011 NFL Schedule Released Tonight

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The 2011 NFL regular season schedule will be released Tuesday evening at 7pm on the NFL Network. put out a story promoting this announcement and will also be releasing the schedule Tuesday evening. The pre-season schedule has already been released and while the NFL owners and players still have not come to terms on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the league is going ahead on releasing this information.

The possibility still exists that both the exhibition and regular seasons, much less the post-season could very well be delayed if the two sides do not reach a mutual understanding at some point. Already, free agency has been postponed and the 2011 NFL Draft will go on next week, although teams will not be able to negotiate contracts with the draft picks, which is very much out of the ordinary as most #1 overall picks are basically signed prior to be selected.

This delay will definitely have an effect on the new rookies, as they will not be getting their NFL orientation and thick playbooks that they normally do in the first of many rookie mini-camps that usually begin right after the draft is completed.

Check back later tonight to see the Baltimore Ravens 2011 regular season schedule here on Baltimore Beatdown.