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Another Mock Draft With questionable Ravens' Picks

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As we get closer to the actual 2011 NFL Draft, the Mock Drafts are coming fast and furious. This new one from SB Nation is a two-rounder, and the players selected by the Baltimore Ravens in both rounds seem questionable at best, and confounding at the least. Many of the other picks seem out of place as well, but who are we to judge what other teams most pressing needs are when we can't always agree on what direction the Ravens should go with the 26th pick in the first round.

This Mock Draft has the Ravens first round selection as CB Brandon Harris (Miami). The narrative on this pick is: "Setting aside the fact that he's a UM product, Harris is an outstanding athlete at a position of need."

For the second round, they have the Ravens selecting WR Randall Cobb (Kentucky), with their basis being: "The Ravens need youth at receiver; Cobb could contribute as a slot option and return specialist right out of the gate."

While both of these players should be decent pro payers, I see both of them being selected in the following round than they were picked at best, with Harris looking more like a second round projection and Cobb no earlier than the third round. Take a look at not only the Ravens picks but the other guys that went both earlier and later than their picks for comparison.