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Best Draft Pick in 2003: Terrell Suggs?

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Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs sat in with the guys from NFL Total Access in discussing the 2003 NFL Draft, and which of the great players from that draft was the best pick of them all. Suggs jokingly warned the crew to "choose your words carefully," as they differed on the best pick, with Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson and Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu getting the most votes. Even T. Sizzle could not dispute the Polamalu seection, saying that until he got the rings that Troy has, no one could complain.

The list of guys draft in the first round who are solid stars in the NFL includes, in addition to Suggs, Polamalu and Johnson, also Bengals QB Carson Palmer, Colts TE Dallas Clark and Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha. Suggs fell to the Ravens with the 10th pick in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft, despite being projected to go a lot higher than that.

The group of players that went in the first round of that draft may be considered as good a first round overall than there has ever been in the NFL Draft.