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Filed under: Takes A Stab At All 7 Rounds Ravens' Picks

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Both Mike Duffy and Ryan Mink of took a stab at projecting all nine picks that the Baltimore Ravens currently have in the 2011 NFL Draft. They make it perfectly clear that they have no more of an idea where the team will go with those picks than any of us do, despite their much closer proximity to the heavily guarded War Room in the "Castle" at One WInning Drive in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Interesting was that both guys had us going for an offensive lineman in the first round, and then their two guy's draft path take very different courses from round two through seven. Personally, I'd be rather stoked if Ryan Mink's picks were dead on, as he hits what appears to be all of the concerns we've seen posted here on Baltimore Beatdown. A lot of familiar names are on Mink's list, while Duffy seems to take more risks in terms of relatively unknown names for the more casual fans.

Check it out and cast your vote on which of the two writer's draft board do you prefer the team follow.