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NFL Draft: Late Round Steals

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Most Mock Drafts out there list the selections for the first round's 32 picks, and some even go into the second round for 32 more picks. But the real basis for a solid draft grade will be based on what a team does in the last four rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft, which starts with round one on April 28th, rounds 2-3 on April 29th and rounds 4-7 on April 30th.

Steve Wyche of NFL.comtakes a look at the guys who he feels could be considered ate round "steals" for whatever team takes a flyer on these guys. A couple of them have been mentioned here on Baltimore Beatdown as being the type of guys that Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome always seems to find in the later rounds. Both Illinois LB Martez Wilson and Troy WR Jerrel Jernigan have been linked to the Ravens, although Wilson most likely won't be available by the time the Ravens make their pick in the second round, which will be pick #58 overall.

At the same time, while Jernigan should still be on the board at #58, so should Boise State WR Titus Young, whom many Ravens fans and Beatdown readers seem to like more than Jernigan. Take a look at the story and post your comments on who you'd like to see in purple next season out f the group of guys Wyche lists as possible "steals."