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Ravens-Falcons Preseason Game "Double-Booked" at Georgia Dome

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The NFL pre-season schedule was released earlier this week and it shows the Baltimore Ravens playing their final exhibition game versus the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome on Thursday, September 1st.. Unfortunately, the Dome is also scheduled to host the Georgia State Panthers football team that very same evening. Furthermore, the Panthers schedule has been out a lot longer and their reservations have been made at the Georgia Dome for a while now. See the full story over at SB Nation.

The NFL and the Falcons have been contacted by Georgia State regarding the "double-booking" and the two sides will obviously work something out so both teams can play their games, although one team will have to make other plans. Georgia State wants to have a tradition of Thursday night football and while this would be a regular season college game for them, it is only a relatively meaningless exhibition game for the two NFL teams.

Not only is it an exhibition game, it is the most meaningless one for most NFL teams, as the starters rarely play more than a series or two and the reserves then play the majority of the game to fill out the final few open spots on each team's roster. In fact, the players and owners have been discussing the possibility of eliminating at least one pre-season game anyway, so it appears that the NFL should just change the schedule to allow the Georgia State football game to go on as planned.