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NFL Team Scouting Departments

With so much of a team's success depending on the work by their scouting department, why are some teams virtually ignoring making the investment that shoud be made to improve what might be the most important part of their future success? In a story on the National Football Post, Jack Bechta compares the average salaries of the top people in a typical team's scouting department and shows why such a low percentage of focus goes into the group that has the most effect on who the players will be on each team.

Bechta questions whether or not NFL scouting departments are underfunded, as those salaries used for comparison purposes represent only around 2-3% of the team's revenue, as opposed t a typical big corporation allocating up to 15-20% of their income towards research and development (R&D).

He goes onto say that if he was an owner in the NFL, his team would have the highest R&D costs in the entire league, with his justification that it would pay off in the end with more wins and lessen the chance that something is missed in evaluating players prior to the NFL Draft.

Jack Bechta is one of the most respected agents in the NFL and has represented players for more than two decades.