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Ravens "Big Board" Completed

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Ravens Draft Table
Ravens Draft Table

According to a story by Mike Duffy on, the team has finalized its Draft Board, with 150 prospects that they will select their soon-to-be newest players starting on April 28th. The main guys in the Ravens 'War Room' are GM Ozzie Newsome, Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta and Director of College Scouting, Joe Hortiz.

Along with their team of scouts they put together this list based on private workouts, game film and watching these kids play in college over the past year, if not even further back. They note that there could be shifts in the board over the final two weeks before the NFL Draft begins, but for the most part, the bulk of the work has been completed and the team's strategy has been set.

Who the team ends up selecting and the possibility of trades taking place remains to be seen and will be affected by what the teams ahead of the Ravens do with their picks as the first round and the rest of the draft unfolds. However, for now, those in the Ravens' inner circle have a pretty good idea what the team is looking to accomplish and the rest of us will continue to play the 'Mock Draft' game up until the real thing starts in less than two weeks.