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T. Sizzle On NFL Network

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Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens took time to visit with the Total Access crew over at the NFL Network to talk about the Ravens 2011 season. He spoke with the guys about the teams the Ravens are scheduled to ply, although the exact dates have not been released but are expected to be prior to the NFL Draft later this month.

Specifically, he pontificated about the exciting match-up between the Ravens and the New York Jets. Suggs termed the meeting as the "teacher vs. the student," meaning that Jets' head coach Rex Ryan was the "teacher" and the defensive players his "students." Sizzle went on to say that he got his "beast" from playing under Rex and that while he respects him, he loves beating him like the Ravens did in the first game of the 2010 season (10-9) at the New Meadowlands.

If Suggs is looking to be a commentator or analyst with the NFL Network once his playing days are over, he had a pretty good audition with this visit and might have a future behind the sports desk.