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2011 NFL Regular Season Schedule Coming Shortly

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hinted that the NFL should be releasing the 2011 regular season schedule as soon as within the next ten days, meaning it will be out prior to the NFL Draft, which starts on April 28th. Whether or not the regular season will actually start on time is another whole different question, as until the NFL owners and players agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, nothing will be assured regarding the 2011 season.

As customary, it apears that the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers will host the first game of the regular season, and according to the story by Brad Biggs in the National Football Post, their opponent will either be the Chicago Bears or New Orleans Saints. That game is currently scheduled for Thursday, September 8th, so mark your schedule now and keep a close eye on the CBA negotiations and pray they get this out of the way in time for Training Camps to start as scheduled.