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Under Armour Launches Internship Application

The Under Armour Ultimate Intern Team application was just launched on Under Armour’s facebook page.  A press release will be available on Thursday. In the meantime, all of the details are in the application:

•    2 interns will be chosen from this app process. •    They have until May 12 to apply.•    You have to be a college undergrad to apply.•    Internship is 5 weeks, on campus at Under Armour, where they’ll meet world class athletes, test developing gear,  assisting marketing, spend time with other departments to get a first-hand look at their roles, lunch with Kevin Plank (Founder & CEO), give the world an inside look at Under Armour by posting photos, videos, blog entries, and Facebook updates., maintain a Twitter feed about daily experiences at UA.•    Housing is covered by Under Armour and the winners get a $5000 scholarship paid directly to their school.

NOTE: This is the first time Under Armour has done anything like this.

Under Armour is a Maryland company, founded by former University of Maryland student, Kevin Plank. The UA logo is now as recognizable as the Nike "swoosh" and is worn by college teams in all sports around the country. This is an amazing opportunity to work with and get into the guts and inner workings of a local company that has achieved incredible success through innovation and outstanding marketing under Plank and his dedicated team of employees.