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2010 Ravens: What The Film Revealed

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The New York Times did an interesting breakdown late last month on the Baltimore Ravens 2010 season. they broke it down on offense and defense, as well as delving into individual performances. In the NY Times' NFL Blog, titled "The Fifth Down," written by Andy Benoit, he looks at the conferences around the league and was in the midst of reviewing the AFC North, hence this story on the Baltimore Ravens.

Offensively, his individual assessment of QB Joe Flacco is dead-on, summarized by the statement:

"Far too much of the passing game took place underneath and outside, where the reads tend to be simpler."

He wasn't too impressed with the play of Michael Oher on the left tackle side of the offensive line, but gave a lot of respect to center Matt Birk, saying this:

"Since Birk left Minnesota, not only has the Ravens’ young line prospered, but the Vikings’ overpriced offensive line has crumbled."

Defensively, he piled on the praise of DT Haloti Ngata, calling him:

"...the most dominant defensive lineman in the game. Even with nose tackle size, Ngata moved with the swiftness of a linebacker. It’s a sight to see."

Benoit gave props to Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, as well as singling out Lardarius Webb as the best deep cover corner on the team, although the rest of his game needed improvement.

Finally, he talked about what a great player Terrell Suggs has turned out to be, stating that he is far from just a pass rushing specialist. They very simply say:

"Suggs is one of the most complete players in the N.F.L."

At the bottom of the story are related posts about the Ravens and well worth the great read they are, written by a very accomplished journalist. I recommend you check them out.