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Ray WILL Step Into The Boxing Ring

Headline grab your attention, did it? Whoa, guys and gals, don't worry just yet. While there will be an NFL player named Ray who will be stepping into the boxing ring next month, it won't be the Baltimore Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis, but defensive end Ray Edwards. Edwards, most recently of the Minnesota Vikings, will be an unrestricted free agent once the NFL owners and players settle this Collective Bargaining Agreement and according to a story by Brad Biggs of the National Football Post, it's unlikely that he will return to the Vikings.

Rest assured Ravens fans, you won't be seeing your beloved safety, Tom Zbikowski, squaring off against Edwards, as that Ray is 6'5" and 255 pounds, Even though Zbi has been quoted as saying he could take any current NFL player in the ring, I'd prefer he not challenge a guy who outweighs him by 40 pounds and towers over him by six inches. Good luck, Ray....Edwards!