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Updated SB Nation Mock Draft

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As we get closer to the 2011 NFL Draft, starting in a little over two weeks on April 28th, SB Nation is updating its latest Mock Draft. This won't be their last effort, as it appears teams are being linked to new players every week. Certain player's draft stock has risen and fallen, and that impacts each new Mock Draft. The Baltimore Ravens seem to be looking at quite a few different positions and while the national media seems to be focusing on the cornerback position, most Ravens fans are looking for that disruptive pass rusher, be it a defensive end or outside linebacker.

SB Nation stays consistent with their pick for the Ravens, seeing them selecting Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson, with the 26th pick in the first round. Notice that I list Wilkerson as a defensive "lineman" as opposed to an DE or DT, as it looks like he could fit perfectly into the various schemes that the Ravens run as their defense morphs from a 4-3 to a 3-4 on almost every play. While Wilkerson has the size (6'4", +300 lbs.) to play inside, he has the athletic ability and speed to rush from the outside position as well.

Although I would like to see the faster speed rushing defensive end in this defense, his verstility would be a great luxury and his comparison to former Raven Trevor Pryce is a great statement about what could be his future abilities in the NFL.