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NFL Draft: Offensive Tackles

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Mike Duffy from does a great job breaking down the offensive tackles who are considered possible first round selections in this month's 2011 NFL Draft. He gives us a paragraph each on five of the best offensive tackles who have been projected to go high in the draft, with most of them being linked to the Baltimore Ravens in quite a few Mock Drafts. Other than the first guy on his list, at least one of the remaining four should definitely be there when the Ravens pick at #26 of the first round.

USC's Tyron Smith is projected to be the first tackle off of the board and has been projected to go early in the first round, so it is highly doubtful that he could slip to the Ravens in the latter part of the first round. Boston College's Anthony Castonzo looks to be a middle of the first round selection as does Wisconsin's Gabe Carimi. Both Mississippi State's Derrick Sherrod and Colorado's Nate Solder are solid offensive lineman who would fit in at right tackle right off the bat and contribute.

The big question is will the Ravens be looking to upgrade their offensive line in the first round and would any of these guys be considered the "Best Player Available" on GM Ozzie Newsome's draft board when the Ravens turn comes up? There are other offensive tackles in the draft that will be there in later rounds that could contribute to the team and with so many obvious needs, the direction the team will go in the first round is still very much in debate amongst fans, much less within the Ravens organization.