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All The NFL Draft News You Need

SB Nation has a site totally devoted to the NFL Draft. Mocking The Draft has been around for a couple of years now and they do nothing other than cover the NFL Draft all year long. With this being the best time of year to check them out, they constantly update their site with new information, breaking down players and putting up their own and a lot of other Mock Drafts for comparison purposes.

They are currently into the second round of a two-round SB Nation Writers Mock Draft. Picking for the Baltimore Ravens, I "stole" Missouri DE/LB Aldon Smith, who for some strange reason fell to me at #26 in the first round. Keep checking back to the link to see who else is still on the board when I make the Ravens second round selection at #58 overall.

In the meantime, head over to Mocking The Draft to see all their great content, especially on the guys who will end up going later in the draft who most people don't know that much about, and these are the guys who the teams, including the Ravens will be selecting on day two and three of the 2011 NFL Draft beginning April 28th. They also break down the individual conferences, including the Ravens and their division rivals in the AFC North.