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Movie Producer Terrell Suggs

Regardless of the NFL labor dispute, the Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs continues to pursue his own off-the-field passion - making movies. Not quite the same passion that fellow teammate Tom Zbikowski has in his boxing career, but a passion nonetheless. Suggs even has his own production company, Team Sizzle Worldwide, which has already produced three short films, and is currently casting for a full length feature movie.

Suggs has always been a huge movie buff, from the time his family would always watch movies together, up to now when teammates crowd around his stall in the locker room to watch movies on his DVD player. Terrell hasn't been in that locker room for awhile and has no plans to be there anytime soon because of the NFL Lockout, which has given him more time to focus on producing movies.

He's not worried about the 2011 NFL season being delayed as he says that he believes the issues will be settled in time for a full 2011 season starting on time. See the full story by Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post.