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Ravens Looking At Another UNC Player

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The Baltimore Ravens held a private workout recently with University of North Carolina DE Robert Quinn. Baltimore Beatdown discussed the possibility of the Ravens trading up to grab perhaps the best pure talent in the 2011 NFL Draft, as Quinn is projected to be a top ten pick in most Mock Drafts. Now it also appears that the team is looking at the Tar Heels WR Greg Little, who might be available in the second round or later.

According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, Little has drawn the Ravens interest with his combination of size (6'2", 225 pounds) and speed (4.53). However, just like Quinn, Little missed the entire 2010 season for off-the-field issues, which explains how the Tar Heels had such good players on the team but still had a relatively poor season, as their better players never got on the field.

Little's size makes him an attractive option as his specialty has been getting huge chunks of yardage after the catch, which has been a disappointment in the Ravens offense lately. He is a pure athlete, playing QB in high school as well as basketball and being on the track team. Little might remind some of former Tar Heel WR Hakeem Nicks, whose lack of pure speed might have made teams shy away from him in the draft but proved that his football-speed and skills were more important as he has been an excellent pick for the New York Giants.