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Top Draft Talent Evaluators

An interesting debate is written up at, on the guys that the experts think are the best talent evaluators in advance of the NFL Draft every year. They include not only the General Managers, but also the scouts and head coaches that have made the great decisions over the years that have kept their teams competitive despite the loss of star players through free agency.

Not surprising to most Baltimore Ravens fans, team GM Ozzie Newsome is one of the guys mentioned when picking someone to head up selecting the players to assemble the best team possible.'s Solomon Wilcotts says "...Newsome would be my GM every time."

However, despite the past fiasco with QB Brett Favre leaving the Green Bay, Packers GM Ted Thompson seems to garner the most credit and appears to be the leader amongst the guys interviewed. In addition, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick earns significant mention, based on his ability to put players together to complement his star QB, Tom Brady, and keep his team among the best year after year.

Keep up the good work, Ozzie and bring us some new talent later this month in the 2011 NFL Draft.