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NFL Owners, Players Reach Agreement + New Rules

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The NFL owners and players have reached an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and along with it, some surprising new rules. The NFL season will not be starting on time, as the two groups have agreed to delay it so that the many, many players who have gotten themselves into legal trouble during the Lockout can finish their court cases and any incarceration or community service ahead of the 2011 regular season.

As far as new rule changes, they both agreed the kickoff rule change should be dropped and instead teams can kickoff from anywhere they want to on the field, setting up more strategy for Special Teams. Imagine kicking off from your opponent's ten-yard line so you can blast the ball off of a receiving team player's facemask and recover it deep in enemy territory?

In addition, to meet the contract demands of both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, quarterbacks will now have a three-yard "no-touch zone" around them in the pocket. Holding calls will surely be going up as now, just like in pickup basketball, the offended player can make the call if the "foul" occurs. Same goes for pass interference calls, as if you ask the receivers, they are always being held so they will now be able to throw a little yellow flag on their own.

These changes are being made to do whatever is necessary to take the referees out of the game as much as possible, as they seem to be making more terrible calls every season, cannot seem to get the calls right even with the replay tent, and some of them are still in such poor shape that they cannot keep up with the downfield plays.

Oh, by the way,....APRIL FOOLS!!!