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Value Picks In 2011 NFL Draft

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John Harris of 'View From The Sideline' posted an interesting take on the guys he sees as "value picks" in this month's NFL Draft. Some off these guys are top of the draft talent but might end up slipping down the board and if so, whomever grabs them when their turn is up will have what amounts to a "steal" of a pick, even if it is still the first round.

For example, Harris sees North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn as being the most talented player in the entire draft! Quinn should be a top ten pick but for whatever reason, if he were to slip out of the first ten picks, then his return on investment could skyrocket. Harris points to Sam Bradford not playing in his final collegiate year but still getting picked first overall and having a great rookie season as comparison to Quinn's situation and has the same expectations for him.

He also mentions Florida State G/C Rodney Hudson, who was looked at by the Baltimore Ravens, who certainly need help, if not depth on the offensive line. Harris rates Hudson as the better player in comparison to any other offensive lineman in the draft with his only liability that can definitely be dealt with in the pros being his weight, or more specifically the lack of it. At under 300 pounds, if he weighed around 325 pounds, he might be a first round pick.

Check out the story by clicking on the link above.