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Ravens' Kelly Gregg Takes Down Art Jones

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In a real funny undated video on, Baltimore Ravens defensive tackles Kelly Gregg and Arthur Jones went at it mano-a-mano in the locker room, with commentary provided by none other than Ray Lewis. The veteran Gregg was a championship wrestler in Oklahoma while Jones has wrestled and even dabbled in the Mixed Martial Arts, as his brother just won the light-heavyweight UFC championship.

Gregg may have been the older dude in the rumble, but he still has moves and proved it to the younger guy. Jones kept pushing Gregg off as Kelly looked for an opening and when he finally saw it, Jones found himself on his back and the "match" ended with everyone laughing.

Too bad that the locker rooms are empty and silent right now, as video clips such as this one (reportedly shot by Ray Rice) show what a great group and family the players are when they are together. Let's hope to see more horsing around by these guys real soon.