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Ravens Ran Better Right Than Left

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It's a surprising stat, considering most teams run better over the left side of the offensive line. That's where your franchise left tackle is and should be opening much bigger holes than the usually weaker right side of the line. However, according to a story at PressBox Online, the Baltimore Ravens had a better average gain going over the right side than the left.

To be fair, however, the team did not run the ball to the right nearly as often as the left. Most defenses probably expect the runs to the left more so than to the right, so that might explain the higher average. One of the bigger issues for the Ravens in 2010 was their lack of ability to open up any significant holes for Ray Rice and the other running backs. The fact that they were actually able to gain more yardage to the right says a lot about the need to make sure that the personnel on the left side is able to not only protect QB Joe Flacco's blind side, but also improve the running game to that side in 2011.

Both left tackle Michael Oher and left guard Ben Grubbs, along with center Matt Birk will all have the chance to improve on these stats, as there will be no changes in personnel there unless of an injury. Head coach John Harbaugh has repeatedly said that Oher is his left tackle, so hopefully the continued improvement of not only Oher, but Flacco and the passing game will help loosen up the defense to allow Oher and his line-mates to open up those holes for Rice to dash through like he did in 2009.